Asger Holm, who is temporarily removed from the police is answering the calls of the hotline of the rescue service. calls are normal, there is nothing new: someone has been robbed, someone has fallen off a bicycle and needs help, etc. Suddenly Asger receives a worried woman’s incoming call. She only manages to say that she was kidnapped and the connection is severed. Asger must quickly find out who is kidnapped and who is the kidnapper because every passing minute reduces the chance that the case will end peacefully…

An amazingly dramatic and attention-holding Danish film with a protagonist who doesn’t leave 2 rooms, however, thanks to the excellent directing and excellent acting, the degree of tension and drama is maintained until the end of the film in such a way that it does not allow us to stop watching.

The Guilty (Den Skyldige)
Director: Gustav Möller 2017.

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