Jef Costello is a hired assassin. Clever, experienced and cold-blooded, he is considered one of the best in his business, so when he gets a tag on a very influential person, he does the job without any difficulty. The killer leaves no trace and creates a convincing alibi for himself, but suddenly a murder eyewitness appears who knows the killer’s face. Police and people who hired Costello declear a hunt on him, so he is forced to defend himself like a wounded tiger in the jungle …

The movie begins with a phrase from the Samurai Code that the loneliness of samurai can only be compared to the loneliness of a tiger in the jungle. In fact, the phrase was coined by Jean-Pierre Melville himself, who has used a similar trick in many of his films.

Le samouraï
Director: Jean-Pierre Melville 1967.
(France, Italy)

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