Nine different people go to the same cafe, at the same table, where a mysterious man sits who can fulfill any of their wishes. They ask for their cherished desires to come true, but in return, they will have to complete tasks of varying difficulty. The more difficult and unattainable the desire, the more difficult the task is. The protagonists of the film will have to make a difficult choice: how far can they go in pursuit of their desires and dreams ..?

The movie, built on a dialogue about a contract with the devil – Paolo Genovese, the director of “Perfect Strangers” (the original idea for the film is based on the Canadian series – “The Booth at the End”). The footage of the film does not go beyond the cafe, but the dialogues between the characters are built in such a way that we could clearly imagine in our minds the 9 stories that the characters will experience during the course of the film.

The Place
Director: Paolo Genovese
2017. (Italy)

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