James – a British writer, arrives in Italy for a conference dedicated to the problems of copying and certified copies in art. He meets a French woman who owns a gallery of paintings. Juliette Binoche’s protagonist invites him for a walk. He agrees. They walk, they talk. James signs books for her, and she entertains him with various questions. Unbeknownst to the viewer and themselves, they start playing a couple. Woman in an Italian cafe receives them as a couple, Juliette Binoche does not oppose. And here miracles happen. The dialogue of the movie characters, the relationship suddenly becomes amazingly real.

The movies about the relationship between spouses are a lot. Of course, many among them are falsified and unconvincing. Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami points out from the beginning that the story is fabricated. The 2010 Palme d’Or nominee for “Certified Copy” is a film about the fact that sometimes a well-played relationship is much more real and honest than the real thing. The whole film is a dialogue in Italian, French and English. This is a clever and serious film about relationships, love, where we should not expect answers to the questions – how to save a marriage or keep love. This is a movie that is not necessary to understand, it is enough to feel.

Certified Copy (Copie conforme)
Director: Abbas Kiarostami 2010.
(France, Italy, Belgium, Iran)

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