One of the most shocking Soviet films about the terrors of war.

1943. World War II. A small desolate village in Belarus. Two teenagers dig in a sand-filled trench on a minefield. 16-year-old Flyora digs out weapons and cartridges from the ground after much effort, allowing him to join a group of guerrillas in the woods.

This is how a film begins, the like of which – with the naturalism of the footage, the psychological tension and the human cruelty shown in it, is hard to find. A film that does not mercy the viewer for a second and throws them into emotional shock.

The original title of the script was “Shoot Hitler”: the title had a global intent as a call – to kill the devilish origin within you in the first place. The director understood that this would be a cruel, heavy film and thought the audience would not want to see it. He complained about this to the author of the story and screenwriter – Ales Adamovich, who replied: “So be it. This is what we leave behind. As after the war, as a prayer for peace.”

Come and See (Иди и смотри)
Director: Elem Klimov
1985წ. (Soviet Union)

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