A story imbued with romanticism and light humor from Maestro-Francis Veber of social comedies (“The Toy”, “The ComDads”, “La chèvre”).

Pignon – is a valet who is in love with a modest salesman from a bookstore. He has been planning to ask Elena to marry him for a long time, and he sadly gets rejected. The girl has other plans. A heartbroken Pignon suddenly finds himself in a “fairytale” story due to some coincidence. He is offered to live with the famous top model for a while and act as her boyfriend. Lovers of American comedies would probably continue the story: they fall in love with each other and in the final they fly to the Canaries or the Hawaiian Islands. But no, the French see this continuation completely differently …

The Valet (La doublure)
Director: Francis Veber
2006. (France, Italy, Belgium)

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