The drama by José Luis Cuerda, a prominent figure in Spanish cinema, about the steps of a small person in a changing world where love and betrayal are easily replaced.

In a small Spanish village, 8-year-old Moncho is getting ready to go to school for the first time. Meeting with classmates and getting to know them is not easy, although he is rescued by his new teacher Don Gregorio. He introduces Moncho to the outside world with great diligence and simplicity and instills its love in him. However, his efforts turn out to be not enough to save the boy from his first serious mistakes …

The director tells us about the boy’s new steps in his new life as if he were referring to his native Spain, which was looking for itself in a republican democracy until 1936. Remarkable is the acting, especially by the little Manuel Lozano, who expresses his character with amazing accuracy and sincerity, be it a replica or a look.

Butterfly’s Tongue (La lengua de las mariposas)
Director: José Luis Cuerda
1999. (Spain)

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