Swedish director Roy Andersson’s film is a collection of short novels and miniatures, bound like images cut from the lives of different people and displayed in screen. They are connected to each other by the monotonous voice of a storyteller who comments on each etude of the film. His characters are ordinary people at different times, in different crisis or life situations, in different spiritual states. Almost all the scenes of the film are shot with a single shot of a static camera, where the viewer has a time to focuses on the details and perceives the director’s intentions well.

დასამახსოვრებელი კადრებით და ეგზისტენციალური კითხვებით აწყობილი ეს ნამუშევარი 2019 წლის ვენეციის კინოფესტივალზე ვერცხლის ლომით აღინიშნა საუკეთესო რეჟისურისათვის.

Assembled with memorable shots and existential questions, this work was named Silver Lion for Best Director at the 2019 Venice Film Festival.

About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)
Director: Roy Andersson 2019.
(Sweden, Germany, Norway, France)

About Endlessness (2019) on IMDb

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