A very sensitive and topical drama about school violence.

One of the schools in Beijing is in pre-exam euphoria. High school student Chen Nian prepares to finish the school year and take an exam when her classmate who was getting bullied a lot jumps off the roof of a building and commits suicide. Shocked by what happened, Nian now becomes the object of violence by her classmates herself. She is rescued by a lone street bandit who experiences loneliness just like Nian. Two lonely people try to help each other in a cruel world where bullying and violence are the norms.

Despite the ideal mood of the community (teachers, police, parents) in the film to solve this problem together, to avoid violence in schools, it still continues in various forms in kids. To tell the truth, both there (in China) and here (in Georgia) the situation is much more difficult in reality. After all, adults are less interested in their children’s cynical and often ruthless world, but they are in great need of compassion and dialogue. The film was nominated for a 2021 Oscar in the Foreign Language Film category.

Better Days (Shao nian de ni)
Director: Kwok Cheung Tsang
2019. (China, Hong-Kong)

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