The most realistic and thriller on the work of special services.

The action of the film takes place in Hamburg. The head of one of the secret services, Günther Bachmann, and his modest team are tasked with trying to find international fugitive Issa Karpov, who is being hidden by a young lawyer. Services of other countries are also involved in the search process. Everyone tries to use any information and people for their benefit. There is no room for forgivness and human feelings in this dirty game.

The film, based on the work of John le Carré, a former British intelligence officer, is about real-time intelligence work with high realism and extreme psychological tension. Here instead of the traditional heroism and fistfights the cold calculation and acting according to the situation cuts more. Here people are used in every way to force cooperation. There is no place for trust and loyalty in their world …

A Most Wanted Man
Director: Anton Corbijn
2014. (UK, USA, Germany)

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