The border between the two countries, France and Italy, passes through the small town of Asola. There are two ways to survive in the city and feed your family: either you are a law enforcer or you are a lawbreaker. French border guard Ferdinand follows the first rule, while Italian smuggler Giuseppe lives by the second rule. However, something else other than the law divides them also… or combines them … it has to do with how we look at it. Many laws are like that, it has to do with how we look at it. In many cases, it is absurd and ridiculous. This film also illustrates the absurdity of the law and the state, how they make life easier or more difficult for citizens.

An interesting plot, good directing, wonderful acting – a joint film of two countries with film traditions. Flawless film.

The Law Is the Law (La legge è legge)
Director: Christian-Jaque
1958. (France, Italy)

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