A new, interesting and highly Scandinavian version of Scandinavian mythology.

The gods of yesterday are ordinary people today, completely detached from mythological pathos and scale, yet the unnatural power and abilities are still within them. They just need to be able to manage them.

The film opens with footage of Norwegian fjords of amazing beauty and Scandinavian mysterious forests. A lonely man escapes to the forest. He is frightened. The reason for his fear is slowly, unhurriedly revealed in the plot that tells the story of a humanized Scandinavian god in search of himself.

You have probably heard a lot about the god of lightning and thunder – Thor, and many big-budget films have been made, but André Øvredal’s (“The Autopsy of Jane Doe“; “Troll Hunter”) Thor is different and more earthly, which in itself makes this version of mythology more interesting.

Director: André Øvredal 2020.
(Norway, USA, UK)

Mortal (2020) on IMDb

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