The shocking Art House by French director Julia Ducournau, which suddenly combines drama and horror.

A seemingly modest and stringent vegetarian girl, Justine, is studying veterinary at a French university. Here her sister- Alexia has been studying for less than a year, and Justine hopes she will help her adapt, as there are quite strict laws for newcomers from the older generation of students. During her “initiation” as a student, Justine tastes the rabbit’s raw meat (of course, not of her own free will) and she realizes that she has touched something forbidden, something she should not have touched, from what her parents have so diligently tried to protect her.

An overly natural drama-metaphor of ones transition from adolescence to adulthood, self-realization, sexual freedom, temptation, hidden aspirations. All this with a wonderful and at the same time shocking visual typical of a French art house. The film is not recommended for those with weak stomachs, as it contains many natural scenes that can cause nausea.

Director: Julia Ducournau
2016. (France, Belgium, Italy)

Raw (2016) on IMDb

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