Demonstration of martial arts and a whole cascade of special effects in Stephen Chow’s comedy.

Shanghai, the 30s of the 20th century. Cruelty and crime reign in the streets. Street gangs have taken the city under their influence. The most influential and brutal is the “Axe gang” that terrorize the population. It even has newcomers who try to get their hands warm on the name of the gang. Once such young imitators stage a scuffle in one of the suburbs of the city, causing a confrontation between a real gang and local martial arts masters.

This movie is a real paradise for kung fu and special effects lovers. However, it won’t leave comedy lovers unsatisfied either. When the movie was released, it was compared to a “Matrix” with special effects, but it does not fall short of it in terms of the abundance of characters and epicness. The fight choreography in both films belongs to the same person – Yuen Woo-ping.

Kung Fu Hustle
Director: Stephen Chow
2004. (Hong Kong)

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