Anime-based Korean fantasy “action”, where the events takes place in anti-utopian Korea.

2024. Due to tensions in the region sparked by confrontations between China and Japan, the two Koreas are announcing a five-year reunification plan. Dissatisfied with this, the world’s leading countries impose economic sanctions on the United Korea, which is bad for the economy and living standards. The terrorist organization “The Sect” is formed against the background of the protests of the people. To fight them, the government creates a special task force, which a year later discredits itself by shooting innocent people. After this incident, the members of the group hide their faces under a mask …

Kim Jee-woon’s film is a screen adaptation of the famous manga-based Japanese anime “Werewolves”. “Werewolves” soon became a cult anime and went beyond the borders of Japan, which is undoubtedly the merit of its universal theme. The director and screenwriters portrayed the action of the original work in anti-utopian Korea, where the totalitarian North and the futuristic South are united into one force.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade
Director: Kim Jee-woon 2018.
(South Korea)

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