Horror genre director David Bruckner’s dramatic-mystical film about a desperate woman left alone at home suffering from unearthly nightmares.

Beth is deeply saddened by the death of her husband. She sorts out old things at her lake house in the countryside to alleviate the sorrow at least a little. She suffers from nightmares and strangely realistic dreams. Sometimes a dream is so real, Beth can no longer draw the line between the real world and the dream. She feels the presence of his dead husband in the house more and more…

We can boldly call the film a one-actor movie. The whole timing and drama of the film rest on the shoulders of a very talented and interesting British actress – Rebecca Hall, like whom few if any can immerse themselves in a mystical theme. An experienced horror director like Bruckner (who knows how to scare the audience) would not find it difficult to make full use of this talent of an actress. He is not afraid to shoot close-ups of the actress in order to fully capture in her eyes the horrors or feelings that are happening behind the camera.

The Night House
Director: David Bruckner
2020. (UK)

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