Imbued with the spirit of the ’70s, a classic film based on the laws of American cinema about the robbery and a lone driver, inspired by Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Le Samourai“.

At the center of the story is a confrontation between a highly talented car thieve and an experienced police officer. The latter is manically obsessed with locking first behind the bars. A fateful duel is becoming increasingly inevitable. Meeting a beautiful and unpredictable girl makes the life of the protagonist even more difficult.

“The Driver” – the second work by director Walter Hill, performed in the genre of “Noir”: a crime story, night scenes, a mysterious fateful woman, scarce dialogues – everything is in its place. Interestingly, none of the characters in the film have a name. Despite the lack of experience at the time, Hill was able to maintain a consistent narrative rhythm throughout the film and did not miss plot points. This film laid the foundation for the popular game of the same name.

The Driver
Director: Walter Hill
1978. (USA)

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