The Card Counter

2021 Venice Film Festival film about a card player who suffers from a military past. A former U.S. Marine who…
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ANGELE – Démons feat. Damso

ANGELE - Démons feat. Damso Album: Nonante-Cinq Release date: 03.12.21 Record label: Initial Artist Services Genre: Chanson/Pop angele.store
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Satan (Satanás)

"La cara oculta" director - Andreas Bais's debut film, where there are no special effects and no mystique, but it…
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Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan's (The Haunting of Hill House; Doctor Sleep; Oculus) non-banal horror series that deals with important topics and, despite…
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A TV series about a doctor who learns about a conspiracy of a pharmaceutical company. Topics of painkiller-related deaths and…
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Cowboy Bebop

The series is based on the famous anime series by Shinichiro Watanabe, which tells the story of the dangerous activities…
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The Great

A historical TV series with humor and excellent dialogues, where the story unfolds between the imperial scenery of 18th century…
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