Dragged Across Concrete

Police officers Ridgeman and Anthony are removed from the case after a video was posted online where the couple severely…
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La Mante

The action takes place in modern Paris. Jeanne Deber, nicknamed "La Mante", is a famous female murderer who was feared…
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Layer cake

The drug business is first and foremost a game of rules, often quite difficult and responsible, where you can face…
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Good time

Connie plans to rob a bank and leads her mentally ill brother Nick to this risky affair. The robbery ends…
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From the very beginning of the film, from scene to scene, the viewer is presented with a picture that tells…
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The Yellow Sea (Hwanghae)

Black social drama from the director of the classic of the thriller genre, "Follower". The story of a simple man…
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I see you

A 10-year-old boy disappears in an idyllic, quiet American city. Everything points to a cycle of crimes that took place…
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The Chaser (Chugyeokja)

Former policeman and now pimp Joong-ho notices that the girls working with him are slowly disappearing. No one is free…
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