American Animals

A film- robbery based on a real story. Four friends decide to commit the most brazen robbery in American history.…
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End of Watch

Every year, more than 100 officers die on the streets of America while on duty. Most of them are police…
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The Rover

Atmospheric and tense post-apocalyptic film. It has been 10 years since the world economic collapse. The protagonist is entering one…
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The film is partly born after the story of what happened to the main actor, Bob Odenkirk, after a naked…
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The Pembrokeshire Murders

British crime detective based on real events. In the 1980s a small British town Pembrokeshire is rocked by a series…
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Night in Paradise

Korean's bloody and ruthless crime thriller from the screenwriter of "I Saw the Devil". The life of Tae-goo, a member…
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The Interview

A tense police thriller built on the legal nuances and techniques of interrogation. Early in the morning, aggressive police officers…
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The Dry

An unhurried and amazingly dramatic detective from fire-dried Australia. Aaron Falk - Federal agent arrives at his friend's funeral in…
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