Hardworking detective from Brighton - Roy Grace investigates forgotten and hopeless cases. Disappearance of his wife-Sandy hoes not give  him…
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Enforcement (Shorta)

Only in extreme hardships and situations can a person's face and his true beliefs be known ... A police thriller…
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Tom Brannick has been a law enforcement officer all his life and now is on a well-deserved pension. An experienced…
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Your Honor

Bryan Cranston in the American adaptation of the Israeli TV series Kvodo. The protagonist of the series is an influential judge…
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No One Lives

A young girl escapes from an invisible follower in the forest, falls into a trap and leaves an inscription on…
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The Clovehitch Killer

Duncan Skiles's thriller-drama, in which difficult choices of people in social captivity is much more dangerous and disturbing than a…
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