Barry is a former riot policeman whose very good at being an assassin. Lonely and restless, he once travels to…
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Shut Up! (Tais-toi!)

Before being arrested, Ruby manages to hide the money stolen from the Mafia. In the cell, he is caught with…
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Labyrinth (Dédales)

Claude, a 25-year-old mentally insane girl, is charged with serial murder. In order to reach a final verdict, the judge…
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Burn Out

Tony is a professional motorcyclist who is purposefully moving forward in his dream: to compete on behalf of the Ducatti…
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Don’t Breathe

A group of rookie robbers decide to rob the house of a blind war veteran because they think a considerable…
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Red Lights (Feux rouges)

Summer of Paris. The beginning of the holiday season. Insurance agent Antoine can't wait to meet with his wife Hélène.…
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Financial consultant Marty Byrde, along with his wife and other family members, is forced to move from Chicago to the…
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Le samouraï

Jef Costello is a hired assassin. Clever, experienced and cold-blooded, he is considered one of the best in his business,…
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The Guilty (Den Skyldige)

Asger Holm, who is temporarily removed from the police is answering the calls of the hotline of the rescue service.…
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