Julie Susini, one of two police officers, is lost in the sewers of Paris while tracking down ATM robbers. Julie's…
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In January 2006, Lorne Malvo finds himself in the small town of Beamage, Minnesota. Here he accidentally meets Lester Nygaard,…
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Daisy, a professional robber under the pseudonym "Jett", after being released from prison, finds herself in the same society and…
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De Dag

A story of a strange bank robbery seen from two different angles. There is really no mistake in the wording…
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Mr. Inbetween

Ray Shoesmith's daily life seems to be nothing special, he lives like an average statistical citizen and his problems seem…
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4 Blocks

Young Toni from Berlin is secretly preparing to radically change his career. To finally forget about the criminal world where…
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The Shadow Line

After a wound received during the operation and the loss of a partner, Detective Gabriel returns to work to lead…
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