Kung Fu Hustle

Demonstration of martial arts and a whole cascade of special effects in Stephen Chow's comedy. Shanghai, the 30s of the…
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The shocking Art House by French director Julia Ducournau, which suddenly combines drama and horror. A seemingly modest and stringent…
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The Rover

Atmospheric and tense post-apocalyptic film. It has been 10 years since the world economic collapse. The protagonist is entering one…
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The Tenant (Le locataire)

A Guide to Schizophrenia, the mystical process of the decline of individuality in Roman Polanski's Masterpiece - The Tenant. The…
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The film is partly born after the story of what happened to the main actor, Bob Odenkirk, after a naked…
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Brazilian beaches, young handsome tourists, tanned half-naked and naked bodies - are already a good start for a horror movie,…
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Wind River

A difficult-to-guess story and excellent detective thriller from the scriptwriter of "Sicario". Snow-capped mountains and huge pines. A cold, chilly…
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No One Lives

A young girl escapes from an invisible follower in the forest, falls into a trap and leaves an inscription on…
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South Africa. Cape Town. 2012. Detectives - Ali Sokhela and Brian Epkeen begin an investigation of the brutal murder of…
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