Night in Paradise

Korean's bloody and ruthless crime thriller from the screenwriter of "I Saw the Devil". The life of Tae-goo, a member…
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Senior Jisoo enjoys the sympathy and universal attention of teachers throughout the school. In order to somehow make a living…
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The Villainess (Aknyeo)

From childhood, Sook-hee was raised as a cold-blooded killer in one of the criminal gangs. The girl gets a chance…
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The Call

Two people live at different times. Seo-yeon in modern times, and Oh Young-sook in the past. One phone call will…
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The Beast (Biseuteu)

The police are investigating the disappearance of a girl. The case is being handled by two police inspectors who have…
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Burning (Beoning)

Young novice writer Lee Jong-su accidentally meets his old acquaintance girl Hae-mi, with whom he spent his childhood. Hae-mi is…
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A Day (Ha-roo)

Surgeon Kim Joon-young is a brilliant specialist, though not such a good father. He sacrificed his relationship with his son…
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