Comes a Bright Day

A low-budget English thriller with a love story and a robbery of a jewelry store in central London. Sam -…
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The Valet (La doublure)

A story imbued with romanticism and light humor from Maestro-Francis Veber of social comedies ("The Toy", "The ComDads", "La chèvre").…
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Normal People

Emotional drama about first love. Screening of Sally Rooney's novel. Life flows smoothly and harmoniously in the small Irish town…
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After experiencing separation from a loved one Ben suffers from insomnia. He starts working at a local supermarket at night…
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The Shape of Things

One of the most distinctive films that can make us think about life, friendships and relationships in general. Adam is…
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The Big Sick

A couple has to deal with their cultural differences. 2018 Oscar nominee in the category - "Best Original Screenplay". The…
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