Brazilian beaches, young handsome tourists, tanned half-naked and naked bodies - are already a good start for a horror movie,…
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The Pembrokeshire Murders

British crime detective based on real events. In the 1980s a small British town Pembrokeshire is rocked by a series…
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The Serpent

The famous Indian criminal of the 70s of the last century Charles Sobhraj started his career with petty theft and…
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The Clovehitch Killer

Duncan Skiles's thriller-drama, in which difficult choices of people in social captivity is much more dangerous and disturbing than a…
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FBI agents try to uncover crimes by interviewing serial killers and creating psychological their portraits. The late 70s of the…
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Cold Hell (Die Hölle)

Austria. A brutal maniac who kills young girls with horrible methods has appeared in Vienna. During one of the murders,…
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