French police drama about a novice lieutenant and the daily routine of criminalists.

Newcomer Provincial Lieutenant Antoine Derouère will be relocated to Paris voluntarily after graduating from police school, despite protests from his wife and family. The criminal unit where Antoine will be placed has a new chief – 50-year-old experienced captain Caroline “Caro” Vaudieu, who has solved a great number of difficult cases. She tries to help Antoine from the beginning to develop the forensic skills, the skills needed for a police officer because otherwise it is difficult and impossible to adapt to this extremely dangerous profession.

The film by the multiple prize-winning directors of European festivals, Xavier Beauvois, does not look like other French films of this genre. You will rarely see superheroes, endless car chases or dizzying tricks here. Everything here is honest and lifelike. This is the main trump card of the film …

The Young Lieutenant (Le petit lieutenant)
Director: Xavier Beauvois
2005. (France)

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