Ex Machina

A young programmer is hired by a billionaire in modern technology to test a female robot with high intelligence. In…
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Come True

Attempts by a person suffering from insomnia to get rid of nightmares create new nightmares ... 18-year-old Sarah spends her…
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The Prime Gig

"This scammer broke the number one rule: never trust another scammer." Pendelton 'Penny' Wise is an eloquent swindler who excels…
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Morgan Sullivan, tired of the boring and monotonous life, easily agrees to spy in favor of a powerful corporation (Digicorp).…
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The Perfect Host

A remarkable psychological thriller with comedic notes and unexpected story development ... Criminal and robber Taylor, wounded in the leg…
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The Shape of Things

One of the most distinctive films that can make us think about life, friendships and relationships in general. Adam is…
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The Body (El cuerpo)

The car hits a person on the road who was running away from something or someone in a panic. Police…
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