Ex Machina

A young programmer is hired by a billionaire in modern technology to test a female robot with high intelligence. In…
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An allegorical thriller about violence against women. What problems could a woman who writes books on various ways of self-development…
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The Outsider

A screen adaptation of a Stephen King novel in which the murder investigation suddenly turns into unexplained and supernatural events.…
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The series based on the classic story of Sir Abraham Bram Stoker's book on the mysterious Count and the Bloodthirsty…
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"Emmy" owner mini-series 2020. The alternative reality, superhero war. 1921, Oklahoma State, City of Tulsa. Racist groups carry out cleansing…
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The Scandinavian mix of "Blue Is the Warmest Colour" by Abdelatif Kechich and "Carrie" by Brian de Palmas Thelma begins…
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Siblings: Jacob and Maria were left in the woods by their unemployed father. Winter, a deserted forest, and the address…
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