Cowboy Bebop

The series is based on the famous anime series by Shinichiro Watanabe, which tells the story of the dangerous activities…
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The Driver

Imbued with the spirit of the '70s, a classic film based on the laws of American cinema about the robbery…
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Debut police drama of Olivier Marchal. As a result of a brazen and bloody robbery, gemstones worth 6 million francs…
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Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Anime-based Korean fantasy "action", where the events takes place in anti-utopian Korea. 2024. Due to tensions in the region sparked…
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A low-budget tense thriller about a young emigrant from Mexico envolved in a shady business who goes to great lengths…
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Kung Fu Hustle

Demonstration of martial arts and a whole cascade of special effects in Stephen Chow's comedy. Shanghai, the 30s of the…
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Psychological mystery with a multi-layered story and great acting. Detective Michael Britten wakes up after a car accident where he…
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The Innocent (El inocente)

Harlan Coben ("Tell No One"; "The Five"; "No Second Chance") and Oriol Paulo ("The Body" "Julia’s Eyes") joint tangled and…
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