Ex Machina

A young programmer is hired by a billionaire in modern technology to test a female robot with high intelligence. In…
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Come True

Attempts by a person suffering from insomnia to get rid of nightmares create new nightmares ... 18-year-old Sarah spends her…
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A bloody psychological thriller from Cronenberg Jr. (son of David Cronenberg) - with an original story, memorable brutal scenes and…
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Living with Yourself

Clones are conquering the world! Miles Elliot is no longer the life-loving boy he once was. He has been apathetic…
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Boss Level

A movie full of adrenaline and dizzying "action" about a time loop - seems like a video game where the…
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Weird movie full of allegories that unfold in an alternate reality. Ray, who works in logistics, has no funds to…
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"Wait, consciousness is being loaded into digital psychics" - this will be a regular procedure for those who choose to…
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An action anti-utopia from the director of "Gattaca" and "In Time". The ideal society of the future: total surveillance regime,…
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Time Lapse

Director Bradley King's successful full-length debut in cinema, with an interesting fantastic story and minimal cost. Finn, Callie and Jasper…
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Fantastic series with elements of spy drama - parallel worlds, doppelgangers and conspiracies. In one of the houses in Berlin,…
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