The Power of the Dog

A quiet, unruly drama set on the ranches in the state of Montana in the early twentieth century. The ranch-owning…
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Thirst (Bakjwi)

An original Korean director's extraordinary story about vampires in love, where one is a Catholic priest and the other is…
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Fantastic "Road Movie" and monsters in the background of love. In Central America, a NASA spacecraft with a secret cargo…
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Ex Machina

A young programmer is hired by a billionaire in modern technology to test a female robot with high intelligence. In…
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A non-ordinary, completely stamp-free and low-budget film - pure European art house. The movie, shot without any editing, tells the…
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

George Clooney's amazingly clever and interesting directorial findings in the screen adaptation of Chuck Barris's memoirs. It’s hard to believe…
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The Cooler

Sad atmospheric, but at the same time a bright and mimetic film about the omnipotence of love. Non-distinguishable and lonely…
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