The Pembrokeshire Murders

British crime detective based on real events. In the 1980s a small British town Pembrokeshire is rocked by a series…
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The Serpent

The famous Indian criminal of the 70s of the last century Charles Sobhraj started his career with petty theft and…
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Hardworking detective from Brighton - Roy Grace investigates forgotten and hopeless cases. Disappearance of his wife-Sandy hoes not give  him…
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It’s a Sin

The reckless and dramatic life of teenagers of different orientations against the backdrop of 80s London. The early 80s. London.…
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Tom Brannick has been a law enforcement officer all his life and now is on a well-deserved pension. An experienced…
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Small Axe

A series against racism, based on real-life stories by Steve McQueen, director of 12 Years a Slave. The story of…
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Witnesses (Les témoins) 

French detective mini-series, full of puzzles and artistic landscapes of the French countryside. A strange thing takes place in a…
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Normal People

Emotional drama about first love. Screening of Sally Rooney's novel. Life flows smoothly and harmoniously in the small Irish town…
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Inside Men

The story of a perfectly planned robbery that at some point did not go so well ... What should you…
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The series based on the classic story of Sir Abraham Bram Stoker's book on the mysterious Count and the Bloodthirsty…
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