The Card Counter

2021 Venice Film Festival film about a card player who suffers from a military past. A former U.S. Marine who…
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Satan (Satanás)

"La cara oculta" director - Andreas Bais's debut film, where there are no special effects and no mystique, but it…
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Cowboy Bebop

The series is based on the famous anime series by Shinichiro Watanabe, which tells the story of the dangerous activities…
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The Driver

Imbued with the spirit of the '70s, a classic film based on the laws of American cinema about the robbery…
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Debut police drama of Olivier Marchal. As a result of a brazen and bloody robbery, gemstones worth 6 million francs…
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A criminal comedy about how brothers with different social backgrounds and interests have to join forces to cover up a…
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A dark comedy based on a story posted on Twitter with criminal elements. Zola is the waitress in the cafe.…
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No Man of God

A thriller based on documentary interviews between a maniac and an analyst. What drives a maniac? Why does he kill?…
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