The Tenant (Le locataire)

A Guide to Schizophrenia, the mystical process of the decline of individuality in Roman Polanski's Masterpiece - The Tenant. The…
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A mystical audio series based on dialogues. The story is built on phone conversations: someone calls their family members, someone…
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No Date, No Signature

The greatest court for a man is his conscience. Kaveh Nariman, a doctor at the Forensic Medicine Institute, is involved…
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Brazilian beaches, young handsome tourists, tanned half-naked and naked bodies - are already a good start for a horror movie,…
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The Pembrokeshire Murders

British crime detective based on real events. In the 1980s a small British town Pembrokeshire is rocked by a series…
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The Dry

An unhurried and amazingly dramatic detective from fire-dried Australia. Aaron Falk - Federal agent arrives at his friend's funeral in…
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A Most Wanted Man

The most realistic and thriller on the work of special services. The action of the film takes place in Hamburg.…
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Wind River

A difficult-to-guess story and excellent detective thriller from the scriptwriter of "Sicario". Snow-capped mountains and huge pines. A cold, chilly…
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Your Honor

Bryan Cranston in the American adaptation of the Israeli TV series Kvodo. The protagonist of the series is an influential judge…
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