The Night House

Horror genre director David Bruckner's dramatic-mystical film about a desperate woman left alone at home suffering from unearthly nightmares. Beth…
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13 Commandments (13 Geboden)

Belgian detective series about a serial killer obsessed with religious fanaticism, hunted by two detectives. Belgium. Experienced detective Peter and…
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A dynamic, tense British TV series on cross-investigation both underwater and on land.   Chief Investigator Amy Silva takes…
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Psychological mystery with a multi-layered story and great acting. Detective Michael Britten wakes up after a car accident where he…
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A Swiss-precision detective-themed drama set in the backstage of a bank setting against the backdrop of the political upheaval of…
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The Innocent (El inocente)

Harlan Coben ("Tell No One"; "The Five"; "No Second Chance") and Oriol Paulo ("The Body" "Julia’s Eyes") joint tangled and…
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The Moustache (La moustache)

Screening of Emmanuel Carrère's provocative-philosophical novel under his own direction. A film about how ephemeral and subtle our lives are,…
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The Tenant (Le locataire)

A Guide to Schizophrenia, the mystical process of the decline of individuality in Roman Polanski's Masterpiece - The Tenant. The…
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A mystical audio series based on dialogues. The story is built on phone conversations: someone calls their family members, someone…
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No Date, No Signature

The greatest court for a man is his conscience. Kaveh Nariman, a doctor at the Forensic Medicine Institute, is involved…
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