The Tenant (Le locataire)

A Guide to Schizophrenia, the mystical process of the decline of individuality in Roman Polanski's Masterpiece - The Tenant. The…
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A mystical audio series based on dialogues. The story is built on phone conversations: someone calls their family members, someone…
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Brazilian beaches, young handsome tourists, tanned half-naked and naked bodies - are already a good start for a horror movie,…
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An allegorical thriller about violence against women. What problems could a woman who writes books on various ways of self-development…
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Come True

Attempts by a person suffering from insomnia to get rid of nightmares create new nightmares ... 18-year-old Sarah spends her…
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A bloody psychological thriller from Cronenberg Jr. (son of David Cronenberg) - with an original story, memorable brutal scenes and…
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No One Lives

A young girl escapes from an invisible follower in the forest, falls into a trap and leaves an inscription on…
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Saint Maud

Psychological drama, thriller, horror film, a satire on a religious theme - a list of genres used in Rose Glass's…
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Berlin Syndrome

Australian director - Kate Shortland's psychosexual drama thriller based on the novel by Melanie Joosten. After working on a photo…
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