The film is partly born after the story of what happened to the main actor, Bob Odenkirk, after a naked…
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Action, drama, road-movie, black humor - a series created on the edge of these genres (by the authors of "Deadpool"),…
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The Whistlers (La Gomera)

Cristi, a corrupt police officer is in a hopeless situation. The sudden visit of a "fateful" woman to his modest…
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The White Tiger

One week remains before the arrival of the Chinese Prime Minister in India. Balram, a local manufacturer and businessman, sits…
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Russian Doll

You will die - and everything will start again, what was will be repeated ... On her 36th birthday, Nadia…
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Odd Job (Un petit boulot)

French dark comedy, how to save ourselves during the economic crisis, so we don't lose ourselves .. Jacques becomes unemployed…
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The Kid Detective

Abe Applebaum has been obsessed with solving various criminal cases since childhood. He was known and admired by the whole…
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The series tells the story of Earn from Atlanta (Georgia) who tries to somehow correct the mistakes made towards his…
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