Due to the pandemic, the actors of the West End Theater are in isolation. They no longer have a job.…
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It’s a Sin

The reckless and dramatic life of teenagers of different orientations against the backdrop of 80s London. The early 80s. London.…
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Living with Yourself

Clones are conquering the world! Miles Elliot is no longer the life-loving boy he once was. He has been apathetic…
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"Wait, consciousness is being loaded into digital psychics" - this will be a regular procedure for those who choose to…
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

George Clooney's amazingly clever and interesting directorial findings in the screen adaptation of Chuck Barris's memoirs. It’s hard to believe…
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Action, drama, road-movie, black humor - a series created on the edge of these genres (by the authors of "Deadpool"),…
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