The Great

A historical TV series with humor and excellent dialogues, where the story unfolds between the imperial scenery of 18th century…
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Playing God

A criminal comedy about "swindlers" who decide to rob a billionaire in a very strange way. One of the richest…
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A criminal comedy about how brothers with different social backgrounds and interests have to join forces to cover up a…
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Language Lessons

Courses of the Spanish language, true friendships and mutual support in Natalie Morales romantic comedy. Adam lives in Auckland, California…
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Four Lions

An explosive dose of self-irony, satire and humor in the comedy of the British comedian and provocateur Christopher Morris. Four…
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Kung Fu Hustle

Demonstration of martial arts and a whole cascade of special effects in Stephen Chow's comedy. Shanghai, the 30s of the…
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Due to the pandemic, the actors of the West End Theater are in isolation. They no longer have a job.…
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