A low-budget tense thriller about a young emigrant from Mexico envolved in a shady business who goes to great lengths to prevent his family from being deported.

Chef Hernandez – A young man is an emigrant from Mexico who starts working in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the mountains. His family members face deportation if they do not pay $ 60,000 in state taxes. Chef turns to his boss Faust for help. He promises help. But not for free …

The film begins with a warning scene typical of a thriller, but soon returns to a calm rhythm and follows the ordinary life of one ordinary family of Mexican immigrants, as well as the culinary stories of the behind-the-scenes of a prestigious restaurant. Not for long though. The story slowly presents disturbing characters and notes, which eventually turn into a good, tense drama.

რეჟისორი: Stefan van de Graaff, Nick Rush
2020. (USA)

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