Screening of a partially autobiographical novel by François Bégaudeau (starring in the film), who once worked as a teacher at a school in Paris.

French teacher – François and his colleagues are preparing for the beginning of the new academic year at the nonprestigious French high school. He makes every effort to subdue the multinational and difficult-to-manage class. His method is to enter into discussion and educate people without any punishment. However, his pedagogical ethics are put to the test when students question his teaching method and declare insubordination …

Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or winner movie, which forces us to literally attend classes for two hours and sit at a desk and watch what is happening in a modern school: do students really get something worthwhile in the school or vice versa? … How does the method of democratic teaching affect them and how do they perceive democracy in general … How do we perceive democracy, what do we mean by it?

The Class (Entre les murs)
Director: Laurent Cantet
2008. (France)

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