The film is partly born after the story of what happened to the main actor, Bob Odenkirk, after a naked stoned man invaded into his house and scared the whole family. Odenkirk did not take any risks, he just called the police, who arrested the invader.

The film begins like this, with the quiet and humble family man – Hutch living his usual daily life. Morning run, breakfast with family, bookkeeping in a small company, return home in the evening and dinner again with family. This boring monotony is broken by robbers invading the house at night. The head of the family tries to calm them down and solves everything without conflict, however, this irritates the family members. They believe that he should have acted more decisively and rigidly on the aggressive actions of the invaders. Hutch tries to restrain himself, however, the negativity that is slowly accumulating inside, can no longer fit within and tries to get out, which can very badly affect most who have even had contact with him.

One of the most notable recent action with mutilating brawl scenes, very realistic Russian mobsters, and a stunningly convincing acting by Bob Odenkirk.

Director: Ilya Naishuller
2021. (USA)

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