Captivating thriller from Tom Ford

The movie follows 2 stories: One is real, other is made up. In the real one, the protagonist is Susan, a successful woman who owns an art gallery and has a loving husband. This is her second marriage. The first love crumbled two years after the marriage. The sudden appearance of her ex disrupts Susan’s mediocre life. After 17 years of silence, Edward sends her the copy of his first major novel and asks her to read it. This is where the second and main story of the film begins, where the protagonist of the novel, his wife and child travel by car. On the way at night, they run into a gang of scoundrels, which radically changes their lives … These two stories intertwine with magical power and create an amazing drama. Acting, cinematography, scenery, atmosphere, costumes – everything is at a high level. And all of this is seemles and organical suited to Tom Ford and his big movie.

Nocturnal Animals
Director: Tom Ford
2016. (USA)

Nocturnal Animals (2016) on IMDb

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