A quiet, unruly drama set on the ranches in the state of Montana in the early twentieth century.

The ranch-owning brothers – Phil and George – are completely different characters. George – is a soft, calm and well-mannered person who looks forward to his career and thinks about starting a family. Phil is the opposite of him: a rough, ranch-clad cowboy who, with his manners and character, evokes the fear and respect of those around him. He is a handy horse rider and a multi-talented man, but he is unfamiliar with human feelings and forgiveness. When two new characters appear in the brothers’ lives – George’s wife Rose and her son Peter, their lives change and new conflicts arise.

Jane Campion, the 67-year-old director of the Oscar-winning “The Piano”, made a drama starring famous actors and won the Silver Lion for directing at the Venice Film Festival. Well-detailed scenery, the appropriate environment, the well-acted characters by the wonderful actors, the powerful work of the cinematographer, the music that sometimes says more than the shots – all this immerse us back to the early 20th-century era and the drama of Montana ranch.

The Power of the Dog
Director: Jane Campion
2021. (UK)

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