A non-ordinary, completely stamp-free and low-budget film - pure European art house. The movie, shot without any editing, tells the…
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The difficult life of a private detective woman who, in parallel with the problems of others, has to solve her…
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The Investigation

Danish police are investigating the disappearance of a Swedish journalist. A Scandinavian noir series based on real stories. August 2017…
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An original film devoid of dialogue, where the action takes place in a small village in Hungary. The sheep graze…
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

George Clooney's amazingly clever and interesting directorial findings in the screen adaptation of Chuck Barris's memoirs. It’s hard to believe…
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Witnesses (Les témoins) 

French detective mini-series, full of puzzles and artistic landscapes of the French countryside. A strange thing takes place in a…
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The Outsider

A screen adaptation of a Stephen King novel in which the murder investigation suddenly turns into unexplained and supernatural events.…
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Deadwind (Karppi)

Scandinavian detective thriller against the backdrop of the snow-covered streets of Helsinki. In the center of the series is a…
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