Former boxer and drug dealer Bradley Thomas tries to escape the gloomy past, but the accident drags him back. He fails in the case and is sentenced to 7 years. And that’s at a time when his wife is pregnant. Added to this is the fact that an unknown guy on a prison date blackmails Bradley with his unborn child and orders the get rid of a prison inmate in the 99th block.

The story of Zahler’s film is as simple as an 8-bit video game — it has defined location, mission, enemies, and boss. However, this does not diminish the tension of the film. In his manner, Zahler demonstratively depicts the brutal life of a prisoner and the bone-crushing lessons, led by Vince Vaughn, who was physically prepared quite seriously for the film (3-month boxing lessons and 7kg of increased muscle mass).

Brawl in Cell Block 99
Director: S. Craig Zahler. 2017.

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