“La cara oculta” director – Andreas Bais’s debut film, where there are no special effects and no mystique, but it scares us to the core, because the horror that happens in the movie is real and lifelike.

Three stories run in parallel around the film’s three main characters: a fateful young woman who hunts rich men to rob them, a priest who is in love with his maid, and a life-weary war veteran who teaches English to students. Three different people who have one thing in common, they seek love in this life full of cynicism and selfishness …

Probably in every human soul there is some kind of dark, evil force that grows stronger in the appropriate environment or moment and comes out. Andrés Baiz’s film is about that too. Everything here is real: pain, blood, and fear without any make-up and farce. The author of the novel, Mario Mendoza, according to whom the film is based, took the literary courses same as the prototype of the main character of the film – Vietnam War veteran Eliseo. On the day of the tragedy, they met by chance and exchanged a few phrases.

Satan (Satanás)
Director: Andrés Baiz
2007. (Columbia)

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