South Korean action-thriller from Won-Chan Hong, director of “The Yellow Sea” and “The Chaser”.
In-nam, a former special services officer and now a hired assassin, kills a Yakuza in Tokyo who turns out to be a  brother of famous fanatic and bloodthirsty Ray. Revenge obsessed Ray begins to pursue and destroy anyone who is somehow connected to his brother’s murder. Adding to In’s troubles is the fact that he learns unfortunate news about his ex-girlfriend from Bangkok and about the abduction of her 9-year-old daughter. He travels to Bangkok. He is followed by Ray.

South Korean top 2020 hit, with well-staged fighting and shooting scenes, unparalleled drive and unforgettable characters.

Deliver us from evil (Daman akeseo goohasoseo)
Director: Won-Chan Hong
2020. (South Korea)

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